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Naturopathic Cancer Care: Finding Safe Care and Understanding Your Options

Googling “complementary cancer care” brings up hundreds of websites, blogs, articles, and videos all claiming to have the answer, yet often contradicting one another. In a time when you’re already wrestling with a lot of complicated decisions you weren’t expecting to face, this can add to the stress and confusion. To help reduce this, let’s talk about what kind of treatment your Naturopathic Doctor (ND) can provide and how to find someone who is properly trained to offer safe and effective medical care.

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Cancer and Fertility Part 1: Understanding Your Fertility Options Before Treatment Begins

In Canada, around 10,000 people between 20-44 years of age are diagnosed with cancer every year and the good news is that 80% of those diagnosed survive. As a result of evolving detection and treatment options, many young Canadians are able to successfully complete their cancer treatments and live full lives. We are seeing more patients and couples asking not only about how they can have a family following cancer treatment, but how they can act preventatively to protect their fertility options before their cancer care plans begin.

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When Chemotherapy Damages our Gut

It’s no surprise that chemotherapy can wreak havoc on our digestive system. In fact, some of the most notorious side-effects of chemo are a direct result of irritation and damage to our gut! While our gut provides the physical space and movement, it is our microbiome determines how protected, active, and supported all the functions of our gut are. When we’re healthy, our microbiome is diverse and balanced, unfortunately this complex system is vulnerable to damage. Chemo drugs, although effective, can dramatically reduce the diversity of our microbiome and shift the types of bacteria present.

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